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Philadelphia & Wash (USA)


Prossima scadenza: 31 January 2022


Format: Study visit


Study visit to Philadelphia & Washington

Periodo: 24 April - 3 May 2022

Quota di iscrizione: approx €2,985 (inclusive of airfare and Hotel costs)

Participanti: 20-25

Per informazioni: Stefano Maffei


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The USA will reopen to EU visitors from November 2021 and EFLIT is now working to finalise the plan for the next edition of the traditional study visit to Philadelphia.

In 2022 the program will include: observation of jury selection and jury trials, visit to plaintiff and defendant law firms, meeting with FBI, public defenders and federal judges and prosecutors, tour of the National Constitution Center and Eastern State Penitentiary (in Philadelphia).

In addition, there will be a visit to Washington (for guided visits to Congress, the Supreme Court as well as the Arlington Cemetery) and a weekend in New York City.





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